Welcome to JapaneseProfessor.com! This site is a work in progress, but will eventually be a comprehensive learning resource for Japanese learners of all levels.

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The focus of this site is to help you understand how the Japanese language works at a deep level. A lot of what I had learned in my early years of study only really made sense much later on, especially I began to study linguistics in college. My primary goal is to help you reach this level of understanding more quickly by providing a guide to Japanese based the linguistic principles that underlie Japanese grammar and conversation.

More broadly, Japanese Professor is a free portal for all of the information that a Japanese learner might need. When I think I can do better than what others have done, I do it, and for the rest I’ll lead you to the best Japanese learning materials I’ve found elsewhere.

Site updates and articles on various topics of interest to Japanese learners can be found on the blog. You can subscribe through RSS in order to be notified of new content as soon as it becomes available.

The Lessons section is the core of the site, and covers a range of topics from grammar and vocabulary to writing and culturally correct usage, organized into semi-flexible courses. These lessons make an excellent supplement for traditional courses and textbooks, fleshing out information that is often inadequately explained or ignored entirely.

The Reference section includes info-packed standalone pages and collections of site-internal links organized by topic.

I’m also in the process of building a collection of book reviews and links to recommended websites and other resources.

You can use the contact form for feedback on the lessons and the rest of the site. I’m focusing on beginner material at the moment, so I’d especially like to hear from those who are just starting out.

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