1. Are you really a professor?
    1. See the About page.
  2. What you said about X contradicts my textbook/my teacher/such-and-such website/etc. What’s going on?
    1. There could be many reasons for this:
      1. One of us is wrong (or perhaps both of us are).
      2. Neither of us is wrong, but the information is simplified or incomplete, and we chose to tell you different bits. For example, the relevant part of the language is changing, and one of us told you about only the older variant and the other only the new variant.
      3. What we said doesn’t actually contradict. This is quite often the case with things that are more complex than isolated facts, such as grammatical theories based in different frameworks.
  3. I think you’ve made a mistake/your information is wrong. How should I inform you?
    1. Please visit the contact page, bearing in mind the policy I’ve written there regarding corrections.
  4. Can you explain/write a lesson about X?
    1. Maybe. See the contact page.
  5. Can you tutor me online?
    1. No, not at the moment, but I may offer tutoring services in the future.

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