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Tango Builder: Academic Subjects

 This is a relatively comprehensive list of academic subjects in Japanese. Most people learn words for the basic school subjects like math and history at some point, but I’ve never found a good complete list anywhere, so I decided to … Continue reading

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New Lesson: Conjunctions and Compound Sentences

This is a big one. Conjunctions and Compound Sentences covers multiple easy, but important sentence structures.

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New Lesson: Classroom Expressions

I added a quick lesson on Classroom Expressions. There are a couple changes I still need to make to the Expressions section of the Beginning Lessons (both additions and organization), but what’s there is good for now.

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New Lesson: Making Comparisons

The next lesson in the adjectives section, Making Comparisons, is now available.

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Ask JP: Akai vs Aka

I got a good question via email yesterday, and I realized that it would be a good idea to post answers to some of the more interesting questions I get here. I’ve added romaji for those who can’t read Kana … Continue reading

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New Lessons Comming

In case you’ve been wondering if there are any new lessons coming, the answer is yes, starting next week. This semester has been extremely busy, but my real mistake was that I didn’t schedule a set time each week for … Continue reading

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