Beginning Lessons Update 8-16-11

Alright, now that we’re back in business, here’s what’s coming up.

First, the remainder of the adjectives portion of the beginning lessons:

  • Colors
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Comparisons: “Yori” and “Hodo”
  • Conjunctions and Compound Sentences
  • Talking About School Subjects

There are a few other unfinished lessons in part 1, which I’ll get to once adjectives are complete. There are also a couple remaining beginning lessons in the intro section that will be seeing some major changes.

Next, I’ll be looking at the spaced repetition flashcard program Anki, using the flashcard files for the intermediate textbook “Tobira”. I’ll probably write several blog posts as I test it out, and maybe finish with a proper review.

Finally, I’ll start adding sites for learning Japanese to the links section, with short descriptions of their usefulness.

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