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Classroom Expressions

The expressions in this lesson are specific to the school environment, and can safely be skipped if you are an adult learner studying on your own. Recommended background: A Guide to Japanese Pronunciation Starting and Ending Class When starting class … Continue reading

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The Sentence Ending Particles “Ne” and “Yo”

There are two other sentence ending particles that work much the same way as the question marker ka. Recommended Background: Questions and Negation Asking and Telling The particle ね “ne”, variously translated as “right?”, “huh?”, or “isn’t it?”, can be … Continue reading

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Greetings and Other Expressions

This is the second of three lessons covering basic expressions. In this section, you'll learn greetings and sendings for different situations and several other important expressions. As with the last section, you should learn know how to use Japanese pronunciation, … Continue reading

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Names and Introductions

As is customary in any foreign language course, we'll do lots of common expressions early on. But rather than just giving you a list, I'll explain what each means and the differences between variants. In this section you'll learn how … Continue reading

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