Beginning Lessons

These lessons cover the basics of grammar, pronunciation, and writing, along with several sentence structures and useful vocabulary and expressions. The material covered is roughly equivalent to a first semester college course or a first year high school course.

All Japanese text in the Beginning Lessons is provided in both Kana and Romaji, so you can easily skip to any lesson even if you haven’t yet mastered Hiragana and Katakana.

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Note: this section is currently under construction. Expect frequent additions.

Brief Contents

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The Preliminaries

Writing and Pronunciation

Basic Expressions

Part 1 – Nouns and Adjectives

Part 2 – Verbs and Conjugation

  • Japanese Verbs and Conjugation
  • Masu Form and its Conjugations
  • Coming soon:
    • Talking About Hobbies
    • Talking About Languages and Countries
    • Particles for Location and Direction: De, Ni, E
    • Another “De”: By What Means?
    • To and Ya: The Conjunctions
    • Talking About Talking: The Quotation Particle “To”
    • Relative Time Words
    • Talking About Daily Activities
    • Invitations and Suggestions
    • Tai-form: Expressing Desires
    • Te-Form: Commands and Connectives
    • Verbs for Giving and Receiving: Ageru, Kureru, and Morau
    • Verbs of Existence: Iru and Aru
    • Talking About Family


See also: Detailed Contents

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