In the Works

This page includes lessons, articles, and other content that I’m working on or plan to get to in the near future. Feel free to make a request from the contact page.

Lessons – Beginning Level

The Beginning Lessons are incomplete, but receiving rapid additions. See the contents page for the current list of available and upcoming lessons. Ongoing revision of the existing lessons is also in progress.

Lessons – Intermediate Beginning Level and Up

Plain forms and informal speech will be the first topics covered once the beginning level material is mostly complete.


  • Wa and Ga
  • Basic Verb Conjugations


  • Introduction to Kanji
  • About Radicals
  • How to Learn Kanji
  • Kanji for Numbers, Times, and Dates


  • Basic Geography
  • Japanese Political Divisions
  • History of the Japanese Writing System
  • The Japanese Education System

Learning Japanese

  • Flashcards and Spaced Repetition
  • Beginning Textbooks Overview


  • Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
  • Japanese Phonetics and Phonology

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