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Beginning Vocabulary: Verbs

This is a list of basic Japanese verbs, organized by topic. It is not meant to be exhaustive. Unless otherwise noted, all of the verbs on this page are used exactly like their given translations in English. Recommended background: Japanese … Continue reading

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Talking About School Subjects

This lessons has two purposes: 1) it's a vocab builder, and 2) it's a great topic for practicing the sentence structures from the last few lessons. Recommended Background: Suki and Kirai: Likes and Dislikes Making Comparisons Conjunctions and Compound Sentences … Continue reading

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Tango Builder: Academic Subjects

┬áThis is a relatively comprehensive list of academic subjects in Japanese. Most people learn words for the basic school subjects like math and history at some point, but I’ve never found a good complete list anywhere, so I decided to … Continue reading

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Colors in Japanese

Japanese words for colors are predominantly no-adjectives, in contrast other basic adjectives, which are primarily i-adjectives and na-adjectives. As we go through the Japanese color words, there are also a couple of important points we can cover regarding their use. … Continue reading

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Japanese Words for Food

Both borrowed words and native words are commonly used for food items in Japanese, and many foods are called by both the native and English-derived terms, in which case the more common/established of the two will be the one used … Continue reading

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Beginning Vocabulary: Adjectives

This is a list of useful adjectives for beginners, plus some notes on usage and other interesting tidbits. It is not meant to be exhaustive. In Japanese, as in English, there are a large number of synonyms and near synonyms. … Continue reading

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Beginning Vocabulary: Classroom Objects

Since many of you using these lessons are probably in a class of some sort, I think it's appropriate to include a decently complete list of common classroom objects. Most of these words are good general vocab as well. Writing … Continue reading

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Basic Japanese Vocabulary

This page will help you quickly find basic vocabulary words from lists throughout the Beginning Lessons. Basic expressions are covered in Names and Introductions and Greetings and Other Expressions. Grammar Words Pronouns Ko-so-a-do Demonstratives Question Words Vocab By Word Class … Continue reading

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