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Beginning Vocabulary: Verbs

This is a list of basic Japanese verbs, organized by topic. It is not meant to be exhaustive. Unless otherwise noted, all of the verbs on this page are used exactly like their given translations in English. Recommended background: Japanese … Continue reading

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Masu Form and its Conjugations

In this lesson you'll learn how to conjugate dictionary form verbs into masu form, the polite form, and how to conjugate masu form verbs for tense, negation, and volition. Recommended background: Hiragana and the Japanese Sound System Questions and Negation … Continue reading

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Japanese Verbs and Conjugation

This is an introduction to Japanese verbs and conjugation, and provides the background for Part 2 of the Beginning Lessons. This lesson doesn't require you to have read anything else in Part 1, but the rest of Part 2 assumes … Continue reading

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Japanese Word Classes

You're probably familiar with grammatical word classes such as noun, verb, and preposition. These vary between languages – Japanese word classes are somewhat different than those in English, but the differences are not difficult to understand. This page is just … Continue reading

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