Beginning Vocabulary: Classroom Objects

Since many of you using these lessons are probably in a class of some sort, I think it's appropriate to include a decently complete list of common classroom objects. Most of these words are good general vocab as well.

Writing Utensils and Surfaces

Kana Romaji English Notes
えんぴつ enpitsu pencil  
けしゴム keshigomu eraser keshi means "erase" while gomu comes from the French word for "rubber"
ペン pen pen  
ボールペン boorupen ball pen if you need to be more specific
マジック majikku marker from "magic marker"
チョーク chooku chalk  
こくばん kokuban blackboard  
ホワイトボード howaitoboodo whiteboard "white" as a borrowed word always includes the ho at the beginning
ふで fude brush brush for writing, not a hairbrush, etc.
かみ kami paper  
げんこうようし genkou youshi Japanese composition paper has a box for each character
ぶんぼうぐ・ぶんぐ bunbougu/bungu stationary can refer to writing tools in general

Arts and Crafts, Tools

いろがみ irogami colored paper iro means "color"
おりがみ origami origami (paper) ori means "fold"
はさみ hasami scissors  
のり nori glue, past  
ホッチキス hotchikisu stapler from the name "Hotchkiss", as described in the linked article
ステープル suteepuru staple  
クリップ kurippu paper clip  
バインダー baindaa binder  


ほん hon book  
えほん ehon picture book  
きょうかしょ kyoukasho textbook this is the same kyou as in kyoushitsu (教)
ノート nooto notebook  
じしょ・じてん jisho/jiten dictionary jisho is usually used for simply "dictionary", while jiten is preferred for specific types
ex. わえいじてん "Japanese-English dictionary", えいわじてん "English-Japanese Dictionary"


でんき denki light also means "electricity"
でんわ denwa telephone  
テレビ terebi TV contraction of "television"
CD(シーディー) shiidii CD  
CD(シーディー)プレイヤー shiidii pureiyaa CD player  
DVD(ディーブイディー) diibuidii DVD "vi" is often transcribed as "bui" in loanwords
DVD(ディーブイディー)プレイヤー diibuidii pureiyaa DVD player  
リモコン rimokon remote control  
パソコン pasokon computer contraction of "personal computer"
プロジェクター purojekutaa projector  
でんしじしょ denshi jisho electronic handheld dictionary  

Around the Room

へや heya room  
きょうしつ kyoushitsu classroom this is the same kyou as in kyoukasho (教)
ゆか yuka floor  
かべ kabe wall  
てんじょう tenjou ceiling  
ドア doa door  
まど mado window  
とけい tokei clock/watch  
つくえ tsukue desk  
いす isu chair  

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