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Back at Last (Status Update April 2015)

It’s been nearly 3 years since the last substantive update. Yet Google Analytics tells me that traffic has roughly tripled, and in the last year I’ve been starting to get quite a few emails from visitors. My apologies for disappearing … Continue reading

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Construction Planning (May 2014)

I’m currently planning an overhaul of the site. I’ve learned a lot more about Japanese from a linguistic perspective in the several years since I wrote the bulk of the existing content. Now, I’m in a position to greatly improve … Continue reading

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Still Here (Status Update Dec. 2013)

For any visitors who are wondering, I’ve been extremely busy with work and various other things for the last couple years and haven’t had time to work on this website, hence the lack of new material. Things are finally winding … Continue reading

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Lesson Update: Japanese Verbs and Conjugation

Rather than creating a separate lesson, I've added a section on verb arguments (subjects and objects) and case particles (ga, o, and ni) to Japanese Verbs and Conjugation.

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New Vocab Page: Beginning Verbs

Beginning Vocabulary: Verbs is the fourth big vocab page for the Beginning Lessons. Next up: Talking About Hobbies Talking About Languages and Countries Particles for Location and Direction: De, Ni, E

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New Lesson: Masu Form and its Conjugations

Now out: the second introductory lesson on verbs, Masu Form and its Conjugations. The next few lessons will focus on usage.

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New Lesson: Japanese Verbs and Conjugation

This is another long one – Japanese Verbs and Conjugation sets the stage for Part 2 of the Beginning Lessons. This section of the site will be my focus for the next couple months.

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Lesson Update: Editing

I'm doing some moderate editing of the Beginning Lessons written so far. There are also a couple places I'd like to make some additions and rearrange things to make them a bit more logical. New lessons will resume afterwards. Edit: … Continue reading

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New Lesson: Talking About School Subjects

Talking About School Subjects is the first lesson in the “Talking About…” series of the Beginning ┬áLessons. This particular topic is great for practicing with adjectives, comparatives, and conjunctions. The formatting of the example sentences in this one is a … Continue reading

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Tango Builder: Academic Subjects

┬áThis is a relatively comprehensive list of academic subjects in Japanese. Most people learn words for the basic school subjects like math and history at some point, but I’ve never found a good complete list anywhere, so I decided to … Continue reading

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