New Lesson: Hiragana and the Japanese Sound System, Part 2

Part 1 of Hiragana and the Japanese Sound System introduced the concept of the “mora” along with the basic characters and their pronunciations. Part 2 will teach you everything else you need to know at a high level in order to write Hiragana. Romanization covered as well. I”m already thinking of revising part 1 to remove the IPA symbols and keep the pronunciation explanations more basic for the first exposure.

Future supporting material:

  • Kana charts
  • Issues in pronunciation – rhythm, intonation, and vowel devoicing (Part 2 of Hiragana was getting too long)
  • How to type in Japanese
  • Links to information on how to write the actual characters (stroke order, etc), since this is something others have done well enough
  • Further reading and FAQs

I’m also thinking of possibly whipping up some Hiragana and Katakana worksheets to accompany the lessons. There are workbooks available though, so I might use that as my starting place for the Books section.

The next big item on my to-do list is basic grammar, which I’m going to approach more carefully and outline first. Like Hiragana, it will probably be split into multiple sections.

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