New Lesson: Levels of Formality

Levels of Formality is finally out. I stuck to the culture side of things for the most recent draft, and I’m happy with the result. It’s not my greatest work ever, though; there is definitely some serious revision in my future once I’m finished with the intro series.

Any way, this section discusses the rough levels of formality (or politeness) used in Japanese speech, the basic factors affecting choice of level, and the nature of each style of speech. I stuck with a high level overview, similar to The Japanese Writing System. I’ll eventually do some more in depth articles for these kinds of topics, which is the information that is more difficult to find.

For anyone who is already following my progress, I’d like to hear from you. I took the comments forms off “pages” outside of the blog, but feel free to leave your comments here instead. For specific questions and corrections, please use the contact form and make sure to specify the title of the exact page in question.

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