New Lesson: Telling Time

Telling Time is the second lesson in the numbers series of Beginning Lessons, which started with Counting in Japanese. This lesson covers the pronunciations of time in hours and minutes, intervals of time (from X to Y) as well as the difference between time of day and durations of time (-ji vs -jikan).

I’ve also been working on the site organization, adding “about” pages to the Beginning Lessons and creating separate pages for different categories in the Links section. Both these and the reference pages are still very much unfinished, and will be expanded over time.

In other news, I’m thinking of starting on the first Kanji lessons in the near future, since I now have two lessons with the corresponding Kanji lessons missing. These first couple lessons won’t get much into the more difficult aspects of Kanji, but will mainly be to introduce about 25 characters for numbers, time, and dates, an easy addition to a beginner’s writing.

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