Page Update: Hiragana and Katakana

I’ve added a complete Hiragana chart (including voiced, combination, doubled sounds) and flashcard list (for computer flashcard programs) to Hiragana and Katakana, which is now top level lesson page. I’ll leave a link in the reference section of the intro materials.

The Hiragana links and downloads are basically complete (though not quite comprehensive), and Katakana stuff will be added when I get to writing the Katakana guide, which will now be the last section of Introduction to the Japanese Language.

The last couple days turned out to be busier than I thought they would be, so I wasn’t able to get out the next lesson. I’ll try to be more careful about implying that new content will be out soon when in reality my schedule is uncertain. But for the following week I do intend to spend several hours a day writing, rather than fiddling around with stuff. Although, I need to start adding meta descriptions to the lesson pages (to replace page excerpts in search engine results).

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