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I just want to put up a quick post for anyone who stumbles across this blog while I’m setting everything up. I’m new to web design and blogging, so my apologies for any problems you encounter while the site is still under construction.

The core of the site will be a comprehensive textbook/reference for Japanese learners of all levels that will help you understand the language at a deeper level that what is taught in textbooks but laid out in a way that is easier to learn from than an alphabetic reference. The blog will cover various topics in Japanese language and culture as well as my own experiences learning Japanese and recommendations for other online and print resources. This is, of course, subject to change as I found out how well the format works.

I’m planning to start with materials for absolute beginners, meaning anyone who hasn’t progressed beyond basic vocabulary and desu-masu form. This will include foundational topics such as the Japanese sound system, the basics of Japanese grammar, and an introduction to the “writing systems” of kana and kanji. If you have not mastered all of these yet then pay attention, because there are no shortcuts in foreign language learning – everything builds off of the basics. For those who are beyond the this stage, check back every once in a while. I’m currently working on the intermediate (3rd year college) textbook Jookyuu e no Tobira, and will probably write about topics up to this level over the next couple months.

I’m be focusing on content creation for the first couple weeks, so please bookmark or subscribe and prepare for information overload :).



ケネス (Kenneth)

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