Intro Lessons are Underway

The first page in the Lessons section, The Language of Japan, is now complete. I’ll probably revise, and perhaps expand this and the rest of the Introduction to the Japanese Language series later on, but for now I’m just trying to get stuff up as quickly as possible.

The basic format of the site is now in place, so now I’m working on introductory materials so that when I get to the good stuff I’ll be able to say “if you don’t already know this, this, and this, look here, here, and here” instead of duplicating watered down information all over the place. That’s the simple, beautiful thing about web content as learning material: it’s easy to send you straight to the prerequisite material for any particular topic.

This current project will take a week or so to finish, assuming I spend half of each day writing. Kana lessons might get included in this. I haven’t decided yet, but the next thing I’ll probably work on will be whipping out some sort of “guide for beginners” on what books and sites to use and so on. I’m curious to see how fast traffic grows. If it happens to be fast, I’d like to have enough to keep the newbies entertained while I work on some initial general interest stuff and start up the Kanji and review/recommendation sections, about page, and so on.

That’s all for today. My phonetics lesson is half written, soon to be followed by the rest of the super-basics.

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