New Lesson: The Japanese Writing System

I’ve decided to reorganize the introductory lessons. Up already is an overview of The Japanese Writing System, soon to be followed by a guide to Hiragana and the Japanese sound system. The phonetics article will work better as an in depth follow-up, and I’ll also be finishing up that soon as well. Trouble with CSS table formatting and an imperfect tables plugin wasted a lot of time today.

I may or may not keep Katakana with the rest of the super-basics. On the one hand, it will take most people a couple weeks to get a handle on Hiragana, but on the other hand I like the idea of introducing borrowed words as soon as possible. Either way, grammar fundamentals and levels of formality will get at least one lesson each.

If the last two days have taught me anything, it’s that this type of writing is slow. It take as lot of work to verbalize knowledge that I learned years ago, and I’m also checking my information as I go.

More to come tomorrow!

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